Mindfulness as a digital literacy

I am excited to be presenting some ideas on mindfulness as a digital literacy at the STARS conference on student retention and success next week in Perth. It is a paper that I have co-authored with my colleague Warren Summers. It outlines an approach to mindful attention in online interactions that we first began thinking about when developing an online community with our Zen group. This paper applies it to developing digital literacies with students.

O’Donnell, M., Summers, W., Fascinating Attention: Digital literacies in the FACE of digital distractions, STARS 2016 Perth, 29 June – 2 July

ABSTRACT: Adjusting to new modes of digital behaviour and a developing digital identity is a critical part of the transition experience in higher education as students move from recreational to professional approaches to digital connection and communication. This paper argues that digital literacies must include socioemotional literacies that enable digital encounters as embodied practices with a full range of cognitive, attentional, affective, and somatic elements. Drawing on the psychology of mindfulness literature we present a model for developing focused attention and embracing the digital as a space of creativity and engagement rather than as a space for passive exploration of information.

We have also set up a website with some resources, which will be developed further over the next twelve months as we begin to work with different groups using the model.