The Contemplative Pedagogies Network Australia brings together a diverse group of practitioners, from the higher education and community sector, who are interested in exploring the affordances of a range of contemplative practices in education programs.

There is now a rich body of research, with a twenty plus year history, that has begun to both gather data on the relative effectiveness of various contemplative practices in education. Key scholars have also begun to develop important conceptual work which maps the theoretical landscape of the field.

This works takes on a variety of shapes, from programs which include, among other approaches, using meditation for wellbeing and stress relief, creativity focused activities to increase problem solving, reflective practice for professional competence and compassion training for engagement.

In Australia the field is relatively underdeveloped although their is burgeoning enthusiasm for these approaches. The OLT Project University Student Success, Resilience and Well Being explored a number of options including approaches to contemplative education.  One of their funded mini-projects was the seminar: Standing Still to Learn, Contemplative and Creative Approaches to Education: New Paradigms in Teaching and Learning. This brought together academics from around Australia interested in sharing their experience of contemplative practice and this led to an ongoing informal network.

Some institutions have begun to explore institution wide approaches to mindfulness and resilience. Monash University has been an Australian leader in this field and now offers a comprehensive program of opportunities to all students.

The purpose of the Contemplative Pedagogies Network Australia is to develop and expand this network and to support members in developing a range of contemplative and reflective approaches in their courses.

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